Features and Benefits

With Schematic you will be able to create professional diagrams, flowcharts and figures in minutes.

Schematic allows you to combine text, pictures and shapes to create clear and informative diagrams, which you can export, save and print.

Schematic allows you to create your own unique, custom, drawing objects and re-use them in your diagrams. See widget libraries and creating widgets.

Schematic Unique Selling Points:

  • Create new objects. You can create your own drawing objects and add them to the library, making it easy to create unique, custom, objects which you can re-use again and again. See creating your own widgets.
  • Connect objects together. Any object can be connected to any other with multiple connections, making it easy to capture complex relationships as diagrams. See connectors.
  • Object hierarchy. All objects are grouped in a parent-child hierarchy, making it easy to navigate and edit complex diagrams. See tree view.

Schematic Features and Benefits:

  • Intuitive GUI. You will be creating, editing, saving and printing diagrams in minutes. See GUI.
  • Powerful drawing objects. Objects in Schematic have many powerful features to make creating diagrams easy:
    • Table. The table object sizes itself to its contents, making it easy to layout your diagrams. See tables.
    • Connectors. Allows objects to be connected together to show relationships. See connectors.
    • In-line text editing. Helps you quickly edit the text in your diagrams. See in-line text editing.
    • Bezier curve. Easily draw smooth curves with any number of points.
    • Arrows and markers. All lines can have arrows and markers with variable size, colour and shape.
    • Captions. All objects can have captions, making annotating diagrams easy.
  • Print to an exact size. All objects can be positioned and sized in centimetres or inches, so scalable plans, templates and transfers can be printed.
  • Export to bitmap, PNG, JPEG and metafile. You can save your diagrams and use them on the web, or in Microsoft Office products.
  • Full undo and redo. You can "undo" and "redo" anything, making it easy to recover from a disaster.
  • Use all fonts, colours etc. You can use all the fonts installed on your computer, and set attributes like underline, bold, colour etc.

Schematic can be used for any type of diagram:

  • Fire evacuation plans
  • Office layouts
  • Family trees
  • Office organisation diagrams
  • Electrical equipment front panel transfers

See example diagrams, and here are some specific uses:

  • Electrical diagrams. A set of electrical drawing objects (transistors, ICs etc) is included.
  • UML diagrams. A set of Unified Modelling Language drawing objects (for Activity diagrams, Class diagrams, Component diagrams, Interaction diagrams, Object diagrams and Use case diagrams) is included.
  • Network diagrams. A set of network drawing objects (phones, computers, hubs etc) is included.
  • Flow charts. A set of flow chart drawing objects (Decision?, Start/Finish etc) is included.

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