New features

Whats new in Schematic v4.x

New Features

Updated customisable graphical user interface (GUI) with theme support.
Windows Vista compatibility.
GUI layout can be restored to either default or application startup layout.
"Getting started" wizard provides helpful tips on on first run of Schematic.

Bug Fixes

Deletion of "Centred text" objects from lines.
Autohide functionality always enabled for docking controls when in docked state. (Issue: v4.0-v4.2)
"Fill" functionality reverted to correctly set fill on toolbar item click, not on submenu dropdown (Issue: v4.0-v4.2)
Toolbar/menu display correctly shows object property status. (Issue: v4.0-v4.2)
Toolbar and docking control visiblity status display in View menu. (Issue: v4.0-v4.2)
"Properties" option added to drawing object menu as default item.

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